Namaz / Ezan Vakti App Reviews

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Works very well

I have used this app for a couple years and it has worked without any glitch. I highly recommend this

Best app!!

Best app for pray times!!

Great app w/ minor problems

Really good app for prayer times. Only problem is I am seeing the current day wrong. It is showing a day early in iOS.

one of the best

Very functional and I like the interface; looks quite professional and stylish. But it continuously CRUSHES after the latest update on Nov. 20. 2015 Again and again.. Never seen any other app crushes like this; that is sad. Edit: After the recents updates in 2016; a lot of bugs are removed. No more crushes!! Great app so far!

Everything, but Gps

So far so good. I have witnessed just a problem that gps does not work to locate your place. You must enter your city manually to get the salah times that belongs to place that you are in

Great app with a lot of necessary information conveniently in one place

Very useful to look at multiple cities and also see a week in advance. Very helpful side information as well. Super easy to use, has become one of my top apps.

Awesome app!

Loved it! easy to use, very convenient!

Very useful and well design

Well design. Very useful. I love it. I love the wallpaper of different mosque. Thank you very much.

Nice app

Verry usefull app

Best application ever for prayer times,direction, special Holidays and more

I thank each and every one of you that took time to develop such a useful application. Application itself is very useful understandable and practical and dependable as well. My only resource here away from home to follow prayer times.

Very useful.

Perfect application. Thanks to Diyanet.

Love it.

Accurate prayer times, classy and user friendly interface. Recommended for brothers and sisters especially in the USA.

Very user friendly

The big thank you to the creators


So helpful

Very nice app and trustful

The app is very cool and somehow improved a lot. It is more precise than any other expensive paid apps.

Keeps crashing

The programs keeps crashing trying refresh the front page and getting stuck Please fix it

Awesome app

Thanks for this great application

Very useful simple app

Very useful app. Thank you for doing this. It helps me with all salah times. Reminds prior and on time of salah. You can fix it inside settings. Cok guzel çalisma. Allah razi olsun!

Very useful

Good App!

Great app

This app is so useful. Helps me with everyday prayer times. Allah Razı olsun!

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